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Office Hours

All counselling sessions are by appointment only - we do not provide walk-in, crisis and emergency services. For those who require urgent or emergency services please visit your nearest hospital.


Hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday from 9:00 Am to 9:00 PM. Not all counsellors work evenings or week-ends.


Hugging Tress - Our Green Policies


As a charity that is mindful of its community service and reputation, we are also committed to developing and maintaining operational practices that support a cleaner, greener environment. There are many costs we are attentive to for our stakeholders, employees and clients, but one cost we do not lose sight of is the cost to our environment we may cause by being absent-minded of daily business practices. Hence, listed below are three areas our charity addresses on a regular basis so that we may adhere to best practices with eco-friendly office operations: energy, paper and internet. We continually seek out through assigned research activities to our interns processes and policies that can enhance our green policies for St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service.

Our goals for 2016 and 2017 to further strengthen our green policies will include online/facetime counselling services to reduce use of cars and traffic, the purchase and use of programmable thermostats, increase use of e-documentation and collaboration with NGO's and other organizations that address environmental protection programs. Internally as an organization we also need to continually educate our staff and clients on ways we can support a greener environment, for the engagement life (giving back and giving to others) is a key counselling technique we teach our clients to practice daily for a better mental health. In other words, helping our environment become cleaner also strengthens our mental health. Hug a tree for 10 seconds and see what happens!