Community Social Responsibility (CSR)

St. John's Cathedral is an established charity in Hong Kong that provides support to Hong Kong residents and visitors in many ways. From the very first time a stone was laid on Hong Kong island in 1841 thru recent Cathedral modifications in 2015 (and more improvements coming in 2016), St. John's Cathedral has continually sought ways to help others in time of need regardless of race, ethnic group, age, religion, sexual orientation and residency. The Counselling Service is one such outreach ministry activity at St. John's Cathedral that addresses well-being and mental health needs of both residents and visitors in Hong Kong with one of the most largest and well respected counselling services in Hong Kong.


St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service CSR


The community social responsibility (CSR) of the Counselling Service actually begins with each and every individual who works at the Counselling Service either in a paid, volunteer or an internship role. In short, we believe that for any organization, charity, for profit or NGO, to be recognized as a social responsible entity in the community, those members of that organization must bring forth an individual social responsibility value as well (ISRV). The Counselling Service is both proud and blessed to have a wonderful team of ISRV counsellors who seek the self-worth journey versus net-worth journey when we provide our counselling services to our clients. Improving upon the happy life and well-being clearly enhances growth and possible prosperity in the good life is one such value we embrace with our CSR. We strongly believe that because we hire, train and maintain a workforce of ISRV counsellors, our organization CSR culture is safe, professional, caring and accountable and thus our CRS and ISRV ensures we continually seek ways to give back to the community, be responsible to the environment and find sustainable practices for the Cathedral, our Counselling Service, the community and our planet.



Our Giving Back

Overseas Foreign Workers/Employees in Hong Kong

As a mental health charity we believe that mental health is a human right not solely a workplace benefit. We provide pro bono counselling services to domestic helpers and overseas migrant workers of all religions, nationalities and gender in Hong Kong.


International Visitors to Hong Kong

Each year we are asked by various foreign government consulate offices to provide urgent mental health services to their citizens who are visiting Hong Kong and experience a mental health need with no financial resources. We work closely with their family members and host country to repatriate their citizens safely back home.


Job Shadowing

The Counselling Service each year is asked by hundreds of secondary, college and university students the opportunity to volunteer for job shadowing experiences to expand their knowledge and understanding of the activities and job opportunities in mental health, counselling and psychology.


Asylum Seekers/Political Refugee Transition Care

We are proud to support mental health support the United Nations, local and international NGO's, Hong Kong Immigration Department and others with our counselling service for those who have relocated to Hong Kong from countries where they experienced trauma and other atrocities from war and civil strife.


Recycle - Paperless Operations

The Counselling Service has a comprehensive recycle and minimal paper use operations culture whereby we are committed to purchasing environmentally friendly paper products and office machines, recycle cartridges and paper and remain prudent each day with the use of electricity, lighting, and publication-printing activities.


Stewardship - Volunteer Opportunities

St. John's Cathedral has an active and ongoing stewardship program for those who attend St. John's Cathedral and other churches in diocese who care to volunteer their services at our Counselling Service Ministry. Today we have over 11 daily - regular volunteers who support our counselling service activities that provides a source for meaning and purpose and giving back to the community.






Our Collaborations

Pro-bono Internship

The Counselling Service is the preferred internship training site in Hong Kong for local and overseas university students who require training and supervision in counselling and therapy. The Counselling Service has trained and graduated over 50 psychology students who now work around the world in mewntal health settings. Our internship - training - clinical supervision services ARE FREE to the students and universities.


Parent- Teacher Association (PTA) Workshop

St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service each year delivers hundreds of free workshops, talks and presentations to local and international schools' PTA meetings on topics such as Teen Sexuality, Substance Abuse, Internet Addiction, bullying, grief, depression and self-harming, HIV and sexual transmitted infections (STI's), co-parenting and divorce, stress and academic performance among many others.


Safe Schools - Safe Church's

Our Counselling Service is the preferred and most recognized consulting and training service for schools and religious organizations to train their staff, develop policies and procedures and consult on suspected child abuse cases in Hong Kong. Each year we help hundreds of schools and organizations deal with suspected child abuse cases.



Hong Kong Medical - Mental Health Community

Each and every day St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service receives requests from the Hospital Authority, medical clinics, private practice doctors, NGO's churches, mental health practitioners and government agencies to take in and provide mental health care to those who cannot afford private practice fees or who cannot wait for several weeks to months to be seen in the government sector. as a charity over 55% of our clients we serve cannot afford mental health services in the private community.