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Substance Abuse Services

"The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease."


William Osler was a Canadian scientist who accurately described the difference between a good physician and a great one. At St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service we approach each and every client with a substance abuse concern in the same manner; we are working with the client first and foremost, not the "disease or disorder." There are numerous environmental and possibly genetic factors why a person may be experiencing poor choices, overuse, abuse and/or addictive behaviors whether the concern is drugs, food, alcohol, sex, digital technology, nicotine, gaming or gambling. Understanding as much as one can about those contributing factors greatly increases the success in developing the right counselling program for the client. In short, no two people are alike and attempting a "one size fits all" approach to any mental health counselling program disregards the uniqueness of that person and increases the chances of therapy failure. At St. John's Counselling Service we strive to not only seek out the universal recognized behaviors and consequences of substance abuse as detailed by DSM and ICD guideline manuals (and thousands of other resources we employ), but more importantly, we seek to better understand each and every client to ensure a greater chance for recovery and sustaining that well-being lifestyle.


Our substance abuse program has three key components to it: rehab referral, rehab program co-support, and out-patient counselling. Each of our three services provides the client with a professional, comprehensive, affordable and client-specific approach to resolving their substance abuse issues. Our 38 years of providing counselling services in substance abuse and other counselling areas (depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD and others) along with our centre being recognozed as the internship/training centre for mental health professionals in Hong Kong affords us the unique opportunity to deliver current best practices in mental health counselling. We have a team of 32 counsellors, therapists, art and play therapists, clinical social workers and clinical psychologists that our clients have immediate access to. What adds to our uniqueness is our broad language skills and professional backgrounds our counselling staff bring to the client: French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi and English as well as many therapists with backgrounds in banking, finance, human resources, academics, business management, executive coaching, nursing, hospital administration and teaching.


As a non-profit, charity organization, we believe that healthcare is a human right, not a benefit for those who can afford the typical high fees we see in substance abuse care and counselling. Our fees are based on a sliding fee scale where we once again tailor each cost to match the payment resources our clients have. We are recognized by all insurance providers and we accept cash, credit card, EPS and special package payment schemes. Below you will find links to our three areas of substance abuse services that we believe you will find realistic, honest, comprehensive, safe, caring and affordable.