Our community mission

Our mission is to empower the human spirit towards greater awareness in making choices for growth and well-being


Client Counselling

For Child, Teen and Adults

Since 1997 St. John's Cathedral Counselling Service as one of the largest and oldest mental health NGO's in Hong Kong has provided safe, professional, affordable, multi-culturally sensitive and effective counselling. As a charity organization, our fees are very reasonable and our service is recognized by most insurance providers. Our counselling model embraces positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in our well-being programs whereby our clients develop both prevention and improvement techniques for their health and happiness.

 Today we have over 32 counsellors, therapists, social workers and psychologists who speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, French, Korean, German, Hindi and Thai languages. Our counselling staff is professionally trained in substance abuse, family and relationship counselling, art and play therapy, IMAGO marriage counselling, co-parenting, relationship mediation, psychological assessment and testing, adoption preparation, vocational and life coaching and internet addiction.  The issues and concerns we provide counselling in range from mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, marital unhappiness, grief and loss, HIV, human sexuality, anger management, work life balance, stress and anxiety, sleep disorders, social phobias, bullying, academic and work performance challenges, parenting, and child development among several others.

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As one of Hong Kong's most respected counselling centre that combines positive psychology character building and  CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) counselling techniques, we focus on two processes with every client's well-being: 1) understanding the "bumps in the road" and turning the "unbearable into the manageable," and 2) defining and enhancing a person's character strengths to sustain their health and strengthen their resilience, positivity and optimism. In short, evidence-based research and clinical experiences clearly demonstrate that when individuals are provided options with an understanding of the consequences in each option of how to pursue prevention, sustainment, change or growth in their lives, the success rate for counselling increases tremendously. Hence, we structure our counselling sessions (decreasing the anguish and improving and sustaining one's well-being) with solutions-focused options that allow our clients a greater opportunity to increase their sense of self-control and certainty, a more positive self-esteem, realistic balance between work/life, and a shift from human doing to human being.

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