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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)Outsourcing Service

St. John's Counselling Service, with over 35 years experience of working with numerous local and expat professionals and their organizations, provides an affordable, confidential, timely, and effective range of employee and family member counselling and therapy services.

For a free and confidential session on how our EAP program can meet your needs at a very affordable fee, please contact our Executive Director on 2525 7207 or email us at 

Substance Abuse Residential Treatment Program

St. John's Counselling Service, along with our overseas Thailand based residential treatment partners, now provides a very affordable, 21 or 30 day substance abuse, depression and burn-out treatment program for Hong Kong's busy and over-stressed working professionals. Each residential treatment program is coordinated with an after-care program in Hong Kong with St. John's Counselling Service well-qualified therapists.

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For a free and confidential session on how our Substance Abuse Treatment Program can meet your organization and employee needs at a very affordable fee, please contact our Executive Director on 2525 7207 or email us at 

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

Herman Cain

 Organization Counselling

Organization counselling arises from the profession of Industrial Organization (I/O) Psychology, the scientific study of how organizations (small, medium or large) structure their work flow and how the interaction of people, processes and technology contribute to the value, health and happiness of all stakeholders of that organization. Concurrently I/O Psychology has been focused on the study of quality of work life (QWL)balance issues that many governments and organizations alike are trying to better understand.

St. John's Counselling Service (SJCS) provides a QWL program for local and multi-national companies in Hong Kong to engage with the most valuable asset of those companies; their people, in a professional, realistic and optimal thinking way to improve employee happiness and organization performance. SJCS has a team of experienced organization development psychologists who have worked in and with the banking, healthcare, airline, hotel, travel, manufacturing, and service industries in areas of human capital development, strategic management, consumer behavior, training and development, and labour relations.

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     Outsourcing Service


Hong Kong's local and multi-national organizations (small, medium or large)can now contact St. John's Counselling Service for a no-obligation and free consultation on how we can provide a high standard of professionalism and care in mental health, life coaching and residential substance abuse - mental health services. Special packages and fees are available.

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   Mental Health Service

St. John's Counselling Service has over 26 professional, licensed, well-qualified and experienced clinical/counselling psychologists, art therapists and clinical social workers that provide counselling in substance abuse, cross-cultural issues, time management, relationship and marital discord, anger and stress management, grieve and loss therapy, and psychometric testing and career development.

Highlights of our program:

* outsourcing service available * domestic helper training
* affordable fees
* centrally located
* English, Chinese, French and Indian speaking counsellors
* referral service for medical care
* special group packages
* individual and group sessions * private and confidential          * psychometric testing            * substance abuse rehab centre

   Family Care Program

With over 35 years of providing professional care to the local and expat community, we understand the challenges, stressors, and life's "bumps in the road" that sometimes can happen to families that impact employee morale and performance. At St. John's Counselling Service we have a dedicated team of caring, attentive professionals who can provide counselling to children, teens, families and couples.

Our Relationship Counselling service is dedicated to assisting marriages and relationships to reconnect in a healthy, positive and efficient manner to minimize disrupted organization performance and increase a sense of happiness back in the family and marriage.

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Our Art and Play Therapy service is an effective, fun, safe and caring program that allows kids and teens to improve upon their self-esteem, coping and communication skills, school performance - study habits, and as well how to deal with teasing, bullying, relocation and change dynamics.

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